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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

V is for....Vangina!!!

WHOAAAAAAAA...YOU CANT SAY THAT ON HERE....I hear u all scream and yell......

well hold your horses go back and read it again it doesnt say what you thought it did.....and it doesn't mean the same thing nor anything to do with it chill out for a sec....

The actually meaning of the word Vangina is: Vangina - A really good van

'omg did you see that vangina?'
'that vangina is scweeeeetttttt'

There are loads of Vanginas out there.....and im sure you all have your own favourite.....or one you yearn for.....and want to be inside....HEY!!! WERE TALKING VANS HERE......;)

My Top 2 have to be The Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo or ofcorse The A-Team van Awesomeness in abundance!!

Put together for ABC Wednesday Check it out....CLICK HERE!!


  1. nice van, and attempt at deception
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. Anthony, VANGINA? Really? I was laughing out loud. Next thing is a cross-country trip in a tricked-out VW van (the hippie kind with carpet on the ceiling). Then you can write your book, The Vangina Travelogues. Feminists will FLOCK to it! (Or at least me and my friends!)

    Thanks again for visiting. You rock. Amy

  3. You caught me out there, I misread it too.

    Never heard of Vangina before but it's a word I WILL remember.

  4. Vangina is nothing new. It's the name of a van that ran around Pasadena, California years ago. Yes, a girl owned it.