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Sunday, 5 June 2011

*Holiday Special*.....She-Beast, Rogue Seagulls and Roadkill Part 2.....

Sooooo hello all again.....its been a week and as you can guess from the title....the reason i havent written lately is because i went on the sunny west country....Somerset in fact....very relaxing holiday with alot of things that i wish i had my laptop with me to write about but i will try to think of some of the more interesting and amusing things over the next few days to keep you occupied for....well maybe 10 minutes of your life that you will never get back muhahahahahahaah......

So the first thing i want to tell you about is....Well how can i put this politly....ummm.....The devil most certainly did not go to Georgia.....Infact he went to a little place called Burnham-on-Sea in somerset....and was reincarnated as a She-Beast......Shes about 6ft 2ins tall has bright red curly hair and walks with a kind of limp that makes you that cos shes not used to wearing shoes on her tiny little hooven feet.....she gave me one stare and i swear to you all now...a little wee came out....

Now staying by the seaside of corse you are going to encounter i dont know if they have these in America (for you people who come from over there)......but these ones that were where i was staying were more like mini aeroplanes that swoop down and pretty much try to take your head we had this one seagull who would stand on your caravan every morning.....(waiting for me to some out to attack i bet)....kinda scared me until i saw that he only had one foot......he wasnt missing a hwole leg...oh no no nooo....just a foot.....but he still stood as if he had 2? i was wondering does he ever forget he only has one then when he leans to that side does he fall over??......i tried to get him too for the whole holiday but never managed too....dissappointing.....

Right finally i want to talk about something that i have written about can read the other entry here if you havent before.....whilst on holiday driving around seeing this animal suicide wall of fame.....i thought i should probably start a tick chart to see if i could see every type of animal with tyre marks over heres my list soo far....Badger, Squirrel, Fox, Rabbit, Magpie, Crow, Frog, Kestrel, Pidgeon, my question to all of you is what animals have you seen flattened???.....

******* ON A SIDE NOTE *******

To be honest im relly struggling to find any enjoyment or drive to continue writting on this blog.....i havent had the amount of interest i thought i could have got....mostly down to my own fault...and not knowing how to put my blog out in the wider world....and its probably because....well my blog isnt the best read around nor is it probably in the top 1 im afraid to say that im probably not going to write for much longer on here or at sure i wont really be missed....if anyone wants to give me any tips or try to motivate me again then be my guest....if not then ill probably stop by the end of this week.....its been nice knowing the few of you who read me.....all the best



  1. I actually really enjoy your blog :-) I hope you keep writing!

    And there are tons of seagulls on the five miles of seacoast in New Hampshire ;-)

  2. I'm with Klo on this, you're blog is great. It always takes time to build up a readership, after three years I have 46 followers, KLo has loads more, but then she's interesting.

    Keep at it, be regular...and change to black on white. It's easier on the eye.