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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Kamikaze Moths, Roadkill and The Man With no Shoes.......

sooooooo......its sunday the last day to rest before the long week ahead, for some of you work, for some of you who knows ;) well heres a few things that might make the week ahead bearable (well for 10mins atleast hehe)....

i dont know if this is just me, ok it probably is just me,but i have a phobia of all things that fly, flying bugs, birds everything. However i seem to attract a new kind of moth. KAMIKAZE MOTHS!!! ones that no matter where u are in the room they fly directly at you, you could be in the biggest room possible and it would still go straight for your UR head. GO AWAY MOTH I DO NOT WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND!!!!

Another thing i noticed today whilst driving was the shere amount of roadkill that litters our roads, foxes, squirrells, birds, i even saw a badger that looked more like a bear!! i find myself asking 'do animals have suicidal qualities?'

Right the last thing im going to ramble on about is, i saw this man walking down the street, he had nice clothes on (not designer, but not from a bin) however he was missing one vital thing.....his Shoes??
now hes either had them stolen (all you shoe theifs should be ashamed of yourselves) orrr hes a bit mad and just going with the latter!!


so thats the end of day 2 subsribe to my blog for upcoming weird happenings in my tiny world! PEACE!!


  1. Hi Anthony - welcome to the world of blogging! It is always very quiet at first but once you have visited other blogs (like you did with mine) you will build up more visitors. Check out my blog for the ABC Wednesday project I run - a good way to blog and meet bloggers. Post will be up Tuesday night.


  2. I want to know what happened to his shoes!!!!!!! Because I'm a writer, I'm coming up with some really odd scenarios ...

    Good luck with your blog ... I'll be back to check it out again!

  3. i dont know what happened to his shoes ill have to ask him next time :P
    thanks for looking at my blog urs is pretty awesome :D