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Friday, 4 February 2011

Real Angel?, Do As u Likey's and Dont Be A Hero........


Sooo this morning i woke to find something that, lets just say shocked me so much that it stopped me in my tracks......i pulled back the curtain, only to see what looked like the outline of an angel printed on my seeing as i live on the top floor of my flats it couldnt be a prank from people walking was it my gurdian angel? i being stalked by a crazed angel/demon like spirit??.....NO....What i found out, when i opened the window to have a closer look, was a dead bird laying on the floor, that had obviously either flown into the window by accident or was very suicidal.....STUPID BIRD!!!

Do As You Likeys, or as they are more commonly known PIKEYS....Now dont confuse these with the Chavs (reffer to yesterdays post), these are not as bad as the chavs, but they do tend to appear from nowhere on any spare piece of land.....which they have done in the field opposite where i live....hundreds of caravans, barking dogs and loud childrens noises filled the air....GRRRR GO AWAY I WANT TO SLEEP!!!

Have you ever thought of being a hero? not talkin superhero...just someone who, if you saw something happening that you would try to help?.....i mean if i saw a house on fire and i knew there was people inside then i would probably try to help get them out.....however theres one thing i wouldnt get involved in...and thats if i saw someone having a fight....not because im scared or anythin cos i can handle myself...its the fact you never know these days whos got a weapon...this is exactly what happened the other night....i was walking home after a few drinks wen i saw these 2 guys having a i was about to go ouver and help this guy who was gettin beaten..but thinking 'What If?' stopped glad i did because when the police arrived they found one of them had a knife.....LUCKY ESCAPE I THINK.....


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